‎Tetelestai‎ (Contd)

“There’s a bit of a problem with your analogy.” He announced the moment I emerged from the kitchen with a half-empty bottle of water in hand.

In as much as I love getting questions when it comes to the faith I have in Jesus the Son of God, I know my friend is quite smart. He can pick an argument the size of an elephant apart with a pin. Going for the jugular of an argument is his thing. Quickly, I swallowed what I had in my mouth, and then I went to sit across from him. With my countenance … Read the rest


Of course, he’s no fool. He’s careful about what he eats and the places he goes. He researches the recommendations he gets before he adopts them with as much passion as he looks into the opportunities that opened up to him before he invests in them – thoroughly. He accepts that a lot is beyond him but he wouldn’t deny that he’s comfortable.

“Isn’t that the way life is?” he asked me. “You can readily afford some things. But you have to save up for others. And even if you’re the richest alive or that’s ever lived, you still wouldn’t … Read the rest

‎The Programmer, The Prince & The Property Owner

The Programmer

You own the software business. You built it with all you have and now, it has hit hard times. Or maybe you’re just wise enough to realize that it might be either sooner or later but you’d hit the nadir nonetheless and there’s no guarantee of rebounding. However, you want what you have to survive. You want to find a way to sail through whatever would come, no matter how hard it could hit.

You know what you need is an expert to handle things for you, so you advertised the post and applications came in.

“I learnt … Read the rest