Of course, he’s no fool. He’s careful about what he eats and the places he goes. He researches the recommendations he gets before he adopts them with as much passion as he looks into the opportunities that opened up to him before he invests in them – thoroughly. He accepts that a lot is beyond him but he wouldn’t deny that he’s comfortable.

“Isn’t that the way life is?” he asked me. “You can readily afford some things. But you have to save up for others. And even if you’re the richest alive or that’s ever lived, you still wouldn’t be able to get one thing or the other.”

I didn’t want to assume that I understood what he’s saying, I asked, “Like what?”

“No matter how rich one is, one can neither bring the dead back to life nor reverse time,” he replied.

“But you aren’t trying to bring a dead one back to life or reverse time, are you?” I asked.

“Nah. Nothing of such.”

“So, what is it you’re searching for?”

“Only a fool would think that it ends here,” he didn’t deliberate before he answered. “I know there’s more – there’s an other side. But how do I determine that I’d get to the better side when I get there? I want to make heaven, not hell but I want to be sure I’m on the right way there.”

“You want to know if Jesus is who he claims to be – the way?” I asked.

“Couldn’t the others be right too?”

His wasn’t a new question. But I still wondered what to say to him. I looked out the window of the restaurant in which we’re seated. For a moment, I was blank.

Graciously, he didn’t press me to say something. He waited and I was waiting too.

Eventually, I asked – “Where are you going from here?”

“Home.” He replied. “I guess you don’t have an answer to my question.”

“Maybe yes. Maybe no,” I said as I got up. “But let’s go.”

We left and got into a cab. On the way, each was with his thought. And when we got to his place, I paid the driver.

Again, we were quiet till we got inside. Then I told spoke – “You just experienced something that’s like going to heaven through Jesus is like.”

He thought I was joking. “In a cab?” he asked.

“To start with, why didn’t you insist on paying your fare after I’ve paid? You only accepted that I’ve paid for you and you thanked me for it. Why didn’t you insist on giving the driver your own fare?”

“That’d be insulting you – we’re friends, I can’t do that.”

“Now, what if you’ve couldn’t even afford to pay?”

“Then, all the better that I’m with my friend,” he replied. “I have nothing to worry about ‘cos I know you’ll take of things for me.”

“And that’s exactly what Jesus did for mankind,” I stated. “For those who think they can pay for themselves and those who accept that they are too broke to pay for themselves, because he’s just, he brought us all down to the same denominator – he paid for us all. And as you said you wouldn’t insult our friendship by insisting on paying for yourself, so he expects us to simply accept the price he’s paid for us to get home. Remember, home you said you wanted to come to, and it is home that I paid to get us to.”

“Please, continue.”

I was only willing to, I obliged him.

“Along the way, we sat back, confident that the driver would get us home. He took a couple of detours for some reasons but not for once did we doubt that he knew where he’s going, right?”


“Isn’t that what Jesus expects of us? Is there another who claims that they could get you home safely, that all you need to do is just trust in them?”

“But that raises the question of how sure we can be that He’s going to take us to where we want to – at least, how sure can I be that He can take me to heaven?”

“If when we told the cab driver where we wanted to go, we had asked him if he knows the area and in turn, he had replied that it’s the neighborhood where he’s lived all his life, wouldn’t we have been more confident? Especially, if he begins to describe landmarks in the area just to convince us?”

He nodded as he replied. “We would.”

“Jesus is the only One who claims to have come from heaven – no one else did. He’s also the only One who declares that He’s going back to heaven – no one else did. So, do you still think we should be putting Him in the same category with the others who don’t have a clue about where they’re going? Yet, there’s more.”

“Let me have it.”

“Did we, at any point, get out of the vehicle to clear the road for the driver or to push the car because there’s engine failure? Did we ran out of fuel, or the driver decided that he’d rather go elsewhere?”

“We had none of that.”

“Yet, these are things that could happen when you’re dealing with humans. And actually, they are things that are happening right now in the religions of the world, except in those who have placed their trust in Christ Jesus. When people are ordered to help their god, they should know they are in a vehicle that wouldn’t get them to where they’re going. Or who would rather push the vehicle they’re traveling in all the way to the destination – if that’s even possible, when the opportunity of sitting in luxury all the way is available in another vehicle?”

“I get your points,” he confessed, “but people aren’t stupid. If there’s nothing in what they hold they’d have left it for what hold something for them. I mean, if it’s that simple, how come people aren’t flocking to Jesus?”

“If the Good News we preach is hidden behind a veil, it is hidden only from people who are perishing. Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God,” (2 Corinthians 4:3-4, New Living Translation).

“You’ve just raised the question with which the controversy is brewed. How can Jesus be God or the Son of God?”

I laughed.

“It’s not funny, you know.”

“No, it’s not.” I agreed.

“So what do you have to say about it?”

“If I tell you that my God is almighty – that He can do all things, but then I added that it’s impossible for Him take on the appearance of a man so that He could dwell among us, would you not tell me that I’ve just proven that He’s not truly almighty? Or by which or whose law is He barred from doing as He pleases?

“Again, if I say that He is Omnipresent but later, I say that He cannot be in two places at the same time – would you still continue to take me serious?”

“I’m tempted to agree with you.”


“I’ll have to face, and even accept, the fact that trinity is possible.”

“Trinity is God calling the bluff of man’s intelligence.”


“He’s rubbing our face in the very proofs that trinity isn’t just possible but that we’re in reality, surrounded by it.”

“Explain, please.”

“Is the air we breathe made of a single element? What about water? Salt? Sand? Yet, those are relatively basic. How about complexities like our body? If those could be – not as singular elements but compounds, how do we say it’s impossible of God to be such?”

“Is God now a pantheon?”

“No, He isn’t. In a pantheon, each god has a specialty. God is one but He disagrees with us on the fact that He cannot manifest Himself to us as He chose to or that it’s impossible for Him to be more than just what we know or we’re willing to accept of Him.

“For goodness’ sake, even elements are still made up of electron, protons, neutrons – what have you. We’ve discovered those of the substances in our world, yet we insist on restricting the God who made it all to our concept of singularity.”

He kept mum.

I’d become thirsty myself, so I got up to get a drink of water.

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