‎The Programmer, The Prince & The Property Owner

The Programmer

You own the software business. You built it with all you have and now, it has hit hard times. Or maybe you’re just wise enough to realize that it might be either sooner or later but you’d hit the nadir nonetheless and there’s no guarantee of rebounding. However, you want what you have to survive. You want to find a way to sail through whatever would come, no matter how hard it could hit.

You know what you need is an expert to handle things for you, so you advertised the post and applications came in.

“I learnt the program rigorously. I think I can handle myself on it,” says one.

Another says, “You’re only imagining that disaster will hit. I can teach you techniques on how to focus on the positive. It works every time.”

Yet, another says, “I found a way to hack the program you’re running. You can get to keep your software running so long as you keep refreshing the bypass every few hours.”

One stands out so odd that it seems impossible. It says, “I wrote the software, invented the program, and I also keep it running.”

The Prince

Nasha needs to make a choice but it’s not as easy as deciding between a pink frock and a blue one. There are about four of them and they were as different as snowflakes. One says he’s the only faithful servant of the king and that the king is childless; another claims to be the representatives of the kings. One claims that everyone is a king and that those who say they are either more or less are deluded. Then, there’s one that’s rumored to be the king’s son. Of course, there are those who believe that the one is actually the king’s son but there are also those who would kill or be killed to refute that he’s nothing of such.

Sincerely, to Nasha each looks and speaks the part his claims – except the rumored son who was more silent than the rest. To make things all the more confusing to her, they are all claim to have what it takes to give her the life she wants; yet, she knows this cannot be true. Only one of them could have all the resources. Others have lease of things, but only one truly owns it all.

One thing is certain, if there’s indeed a prince then he’s the only one who can guarantee the kind of life Nasha would want to live. She knows that just his words would be better than whatever else the others could present. But how to identify the prince is the problem.

“Remember, the signet ring,” her wise counsel whispered to her.

Nasha wondered why she hadn’t thought of it since but of course, that’s what she needs the counselor for. The signet ring is indeed the solution. Anything but the signet ring can be faked, and that’s what she asked the four to present.

The situation now looks simpler – if the king has no son, then there’d be no signet ring and then every way available to her would be the same. She’d just have to make a choice with either her fancy or her whim. However, if there’s a son, then there’d be only one signet ring presented.

The Property Owner

The apocalypse is on you. The grounds were convulsing and heaving while the stars were falling to the earth. There’s nowhere you can see that is fit for a hiding place.

You’ve started wondering why you were born and why you’ve lived long enough to see this day.

Unfortunately, the disaster is just starting. You need all the help you can get if you’re to survive.

You don’t lack for claims of who to go with if you want to make it.

Some advise that you trust yourself. They say that you have more in yourself than you’re aware of.

“Let’s just concentrate on creating and having a good time,” others say.

Come with me, we’ll find a way and a haven together – that’s from one.

And from another, it is – “follow me, I know the way to go – I think. I’m not sure, though.”

“I own the property here and I have another beyond the reach of this chaos; in fact, it’s prepared just for this time,” says one.

He’s also the only who willing to talk with you one-on-one.

“Where the other property?” you ask.

“To far away for you to see from where you stand.”

“How do I know you’re true?”

To answer that, he showed you the wounds on Him. It’s clear from them that he’d been hard at work, building something.

*          *          *

The software is your spirit. The program is your life. You own the business.

Who do you choose? Who should you trust and give the job to?

You’re Nasha. The signet ring is resurrection.

Only one has died and lives again forevermore so, there’s really a Prince.

And you’re the doomsday victim and you’re desperate to survive. Still, you can’t afford to be conned out of your very life – for life, can you?

In these cases, who do you go with?

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