It’s Inexplicable Only for the Moment

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit. John 3:8, NKJV

When Omotola decided to get her house connected to the grid, it’s because she’d realised how much she needed it and not because everyone claims to be plugged into it. Of course, she got some things done with it like the others do, but the fact that she was convinced about her need for it made a lot of differences, if not all of it.

She gets her clothes ironed and her food cooked. She charges her gadgets, and did I mention that things also become more beautiful? Most important though, she now has light to see by. And light is life, so she doesn’t trifle with it.

A few times, she had to wait for it to come on. Most of the time however, it was there waiting for her. Normally, she uses it for herself yet it has a way of reaching out to touch other through her. In fact, there are times others got something done for them just because she has it.

The connection makes a lot of difference in Omotola’s life. People even commented on it; though, some believe that she was faking it like a lot of people do. But of course she knows that it’s real and that it’s the true way to go about life.

Yet, with all that she gets done with it, Omotola never really wondered how it is being made or even the intricacies of its workings. She was able to get things done, and that’s all that matters. That is not to say that she never tried to understand the production and all. It is just that she realises that unless she has access to the production plant and someone there to explain to her, she’d just never get it.

Fortunately, part of the agreement she signed before she got connected to the grid was that she’d be invited to the production plant one day. In fact, she’d even get to meet the both the Manager and the Chairman. The condition attached was that she has to consistently make use of the connection – or shall we say, live by it – till the time for the visitation would come.

Apparently, Omotola has a choice. She could decide to worry her head about how being connected to the grid works and its effectiveness too, or she could just stick to keeping her end of the agreement in good faith.

Also, there’s no end to opinions – some said that there’s nothing that the connection to the grid could do that Omotola couldn’t do by and in herself. Others claim that all she believes she’s getting done by it was only as substantial as her imagination. She believes neither and every now and then, she gets taxed for her stand. In spite of all, she only looks forward to the day she’d meet both Manager and the Chairman.

When I asked her for the reason she’s so confident, she beamed as she answered –

“I have records that prove the Chairman and the Manager have never breached an agreement, so I have no reason to think that they’d start that now. Besides, what do they have to gain in not keeping their word?”

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